E-learning is where ANIMEDIA started out. We have produced every type of module, from serious games to rapid learning. We recommend an approach based on video clips complemented by anchoring exercises and validation quizzes.

We structure our e-learning modules with a mix based on video clips for the learning phases which explore concepts, theory and good practice, and educational exercises to anchor and evaluate learning, with remedial support. All in a 15-minute short format.




Graphical tonality collection

Motion design

Serious games

Our key points

90 graphic designers / 90 proposals


A module in just 4 weeks


We won’t be beaten on price: request a quote

Presentation is important too!
Our clips can be extracted from a module to animate your presentations.

The advantage of this approach is that clips can be extracted from the module.

So you can extract one from the e-learning modules and re-use it: for in-person training, to enhance a website, a wiki, a channel, an e-community…

No platform yet? We can set up your Moodle LMS or WordPress.